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Customize any issue, project or member search or entry form to your needs

Software Issue Manager allows customization of issue, project or member search or entry forms from the plugin settings page.
********** Here is what I say in this video *******
Hi this is Dara Duman,
You can customize WP Ticket without modifying your theme files from its plugin settings.
WP Ticket comes with EMD Widget Area. The widgets you put in the EMD Widget Area are displayed only in WP Ticket pages. In our demo site, I dragged and dropped "Recent Tickets" and "Ticket Comments" widgets here. You can also set the number of records to be displayed.
In this mini tutorial, I will show you how to customize a ticket page from the plugin settings.
I will move the eMD Sidebar from right to left first and then remove it to make a full width ticket page.
You can completely disable any WP Ticket fields or hide them from the frontend only. Let's remove previous and next tickets links on the frontend and then hide Due date field from the details tab.
You can make all the customizations we've covered and more for Agent pages, To-do list and taxonomies as well.
In addition to the powerful customizations you can make, WP Ticket offers advanced tools for developers to minimize possible conflicts for the third party products and enhance performance of WP Ticket in production environments.
We've just covered the very basics of what you can do to customize WP Ticket from its settings. There are more options for you to explore. Thanks for choosing WP Ticket for your business.
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